Cheque Cashing


If you have received a cheque but don’t want to wait for days for it to clear then you could get the cash today and it will only cost a small fee!

What do I need to do to cash a cheque with you?

To cash a cheque with us you would need to pop into one of our stores with the cheque and some ID.

Staff will need to do a few quick checks and if everything’s ok then we will give you the cash right away.

What ID do I need?

We require a photo ID Such as a photo driving licence or passport and also we would need  proof of address such two printed letters dated within the last three months for example :

  • Utility bills
  • Bank statement
  • Council tax letter
  • Etc
  • If you have a remittance slip or wage slip which has come with your cheque then this would also help speed up our checking process.

    What type of cheques can I cash?

    We able to cash almost any business cheque

    some examples

    • Wages Cheques
    • Inland Revenue
    • Utility Cheques
    • Company Expenses Cheques
    • Pension Payout Cheques
    • HM Paymaster Cheques
    • Local Authority (council) Cheques
    • And many more

    If you are unsure whether we can cash your cheque or if your ID is correct please feel free to call us and our staff will be happy to advise you.

  • PLEASE NOTE: ID required

    We require you to provide ID (such as a driving licence, passport, domestic utility bill etc.) in order to complete any Buy Back or Sale transaction.