28 Day Buy Back

If you need to raise some cash but don’t want to sell your items then our Buy Back Service could be a simple and quick way for you to raise some short-term money.

So how does a Buy Back Work?

You bring your item into one of our stores and we will offer you a price, We then buy the item from you and you will get the option to re-purchase your item from us within a 28 day period for the amount we gave you and an agreed fee.

Your item will be kept in safe secure storage until you come and collect.

Your item can be re-purchased back at any time during the 28 day period, alternatively should you not wish to redeem your item after the 28 day time period it will be forfeited.

So what items can I bring in?

We consider any item which has a resale value, for example:

  • Mobile phones
  • TV’s
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Stereo Equipment
  • Games & Consoles
  • Jewellery
  • Etc.

Please call us if you unsure and we will happily advise you.

Clacton – 01255 479 079

Dovercourt – 01255 507 007

Ipswich – 01473 210 183

PLEASE NOTE: ID required

We require you to provide ID (such as a driving licence, passport, domestic utility bill etc.) in order to complete any Buy Back or Sale transaction.