Tomodachi Life (Nintendo 3DS)

Tomodachi Life (Nintendo 3DS)

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Tomodachi Life (Nintendo 3DS)

Pegi 3

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Bring your Mii to life! You, your friends and The Vamps - it can only happen in Tomodachi Life! Your Mii character will live in an apartment block on your very own island slice of paradise - and you decide who else lives there with you.

Customize your community by creating Mii characters of anyone you want, and giving them personalities and voices.

Your residents will need your help to make their dreams come true. Check back everyday to hang out with them, help them out and watch as their friendships and relationships grow.

Through helping and interacting with your Mii characters, you can raise their happiness levels (or sometimes disappoint them. ..!).

As you do so, all sorts of surprising, wacky and wonderful things will happen to your island community.

Where else could your mum go on a date with James from the Vamps? Or your dad rock out in the concert hall with Connor and Tristan?! Your Dad - Seriously! All kinds of quirky, unexpected things will happen on your island, so check back every day to see what life throws at your residents.

You can even write your own songs for your Mii characters to perform at the Concert Hall! With Tomodachi Life you can create your own world - Your Friends. Your Stories. Your Life.

To get The Vamps in your Tomodachi Life you will need the game and then simply scan their QR codes which can be found on The Vamps Nintendo microsite.