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Everybody's Golf

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Everybody's Golf

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Everybody's Golf is a new game for PS4! Anybody can play golf with three simple button clicks. The wide variety of customization, unique game modes and newly added activities can deliver fun golfing experience for Hot Shot Golf fans and new players.

Easy to play for anybody

The classic power gauge and three button click mechanic is easy to play for gamers and golfers alike.

Variety of customization

With the most character customization options in franchise history, you can choose among a wide selection of clothing and gear.

New activities

Fishing, karting and collecting items across the courses can deliver additional fun on the green. *Some online mode will require a PS Plus membership

Develop your skill

There are more than 60 challenges, twice as many as the last Hot Shots Golf release.

Share fun with others

You can compete in global tournament with other players and play with your family or friends through the online/offline-multiplayer mode. *Some online mode will require a PS Plus membership