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Divinity Original Sin II Definitive Edition

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Divinity Original Sin II Definitive Edition

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The void is pulling at the world of Rivellon and a hero must ascend to become Divine and drive back the darkness that threatens everything. The problem is that Rivellon is perilously short on heroes, and a morally grey cast of dubious characters is contending to take the power once held by the messianic Lucien. Into this troubled world, abandoned by its squabbling gods, you must step. Can you save it, even as those who claim to want the same fight each other around you? It's a problem that doesn't just extend to the necromantic Black Ring cult, the ruthless Magister Sect or any of the other factions vying for power. It's potentially a problem for your own party, too. The gods have each selected a different member of your group for Divinity, so whether they'll work with you or against you is an open question. That's a dynamic that's particularly deliscious if you choose to play in two-player split screen or four-player online co-op. This is a game that constantly endeavours to turn what you think you know on its head. A powerful example is when, about halfway through the game, you get the ability to speak to the dead. This might sound like a trick that helps you solve one or two particular puzzles, but in fact a whole undead world suddenly opens up to you. Ghosts are everywhere, and being able to talk to them opens up whole new vistas of possibilities. With combative and D&D-style 'games master' multiplayer options, in which you can fight it out in an arena or create your own multiplayer challenges, Divinity: Original Sin 2 offers a rich and thorny world to battle through and maybe, just maybe, save.