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Cooking Mama 4 3DS

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Cooking Mama 4

Pegi 3

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Cooking Mama 4 is here and Mama and Ichigo are cooking up a storm on the Nintendo 3DS. The food is literally flying out of the kitchen as Mama embraces 3D for the first time!Cooking Mama 4 for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system uses the 3D functionality of the platform appropriately, providing a visual reward for players when they successfully complete a task.

Mama returns to doing what she does best; turning budding chefs into culinary artists, for the first time in 3D via the unique Nintendo 3DS display in Cooking Mama 4. Hundreds of new dishes are available to master, and now combine into brand new creations. Certain combinations will unlock new recipes and minigames, challenging players to engage their kitchen creativity as well as their chopping skills and up to four players can compete to chase high scores and topple existing records in Challenge Mode.